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From: Reardon, Michelle <>
Date: 10 January 2017 at 13:16
Clarification Email-ACT Seniors Myway Card Application Form
In regards to my previous email about ACT Seniors My Way Card Application Form, I would like to inform you that Transport Canberra has partnered with Transport NSW.

This means that ACT Seniors My Way card holders are entitled to concession travel in  NSW using NSW Gold Opal Card.

Seniors with an early ACT Seniors Card (i.e. one that has 6 numbers as opposed to 9 on the current cards) will need to apply for a card replacement in order to apply for an NSW Gold Opal Card.

ACT Seniors MyWay Cards which have not been used to travel on ACT buses for a period of two years or more, will have expired and should also be replaced.

Please allow up to 7 days for new or replacement ACT Seniors MyWay card registration before applying for a NSW Gold Opal card.  Application for a NSW Gold Opal card, can be made online:, or by phoning 13 67 25.

New and replacement ACT Seniors My Way Cards are available from COTA ACT Hughes office, ACT Libraries and Access Canberra Shopfronts as suggested on the application form.

Kind Regards,

Michelle Reardon |Senior Policy Officer 

Phone: 6205 2598 |Email:

Office for Veterans and Seniors|Office for Disability|Community Participation Group|Community Services Directorate| ACT Government

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