Container For good

It’s time to send CFG#3 on its way and get CFG#4 installed in its place.

Ever wondered how its done?

Here’s a step by step pictorial account!

Having dumped a new empty CFG in the carpark, you back up to the full one, move your tray back and proceed to winch the container on board.

Then you dump it next to the new empty one in the carpark and repeat the process with the new one, to put it in place at WCMS

Finally, you back up top that full one again and repeat the tray-out, winch up process. Except this time the container is much lower and its pretty heavy. At least it looks like the truck is having fun, jumping for joy almost.

And so there you have it. All loaded up and ready to go. Note: do not try this at home with your 6×4 trailer!