Cooleman Court Christmas Pop-up

8th and 9th December 2022

The lovely people at “Coolo” asked us back again and gave us a great stand at the top of the escalator, outside Aldi.

Maybe people had been waiting for us to arrive, as we were ‘flogged’ from the moment we stepped off the escalator and it continued all day. And the next. Reindeer ran out the door, aeroplanes took-off, toast tongs were taken two at a time and it turned out to be another roaring success for the Shed, Cooleman Court and the Community.

There can’t be anyone left in Weston Creek who hasn’t heard of us and more importantly, the facility and service we provide to all men who come along to join us.

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New Small Shed

Over the last few months we have been busy working on the creation of a small shed ‘annex’ designed to house the dust extractor and the air compressor.

First a site and size was decided, and a framework / platform erected.

Then we ran into a bit of a snag because a new shed to our requirements wasn’t immediately forth coming, but thanks to Colin from ACT Outdoor Structures, a local business in Fremantle Street Stirling, we were given enough bits and pieces at no cost to build ourselves exactly what we wanted :

The equipment has been moved in and with a few more little tasks attended to, will be complete. Just moving the gear out of the main shed has increased the amount of useable workspace available, and of course the dust and noise has also been dramatically reduced. As a bonus the airline was extended to the middle of the workbenches, making it convenient to use and removing a tripping hazard.

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Zoo and Aquarium Pop-up stall

Saturday 3rd December 2022

The Shed was invited to provide a stall at the first ever Christmas Market put on by the Zoo and Aquarium. We really had no idea what to expect but the Zoo people were extra friendly and the grounds were grassy and pleasant. I for one was quite surprised how much the Zoo has changed in the twenty years or so since I had been there last, and I will say that it looks like a great place to take the grandkids!

There were other stalls present, the common theme being natural or recycled products, a community based ethos and of course animal welfare.

Even though the crowd wasn’t huge, we had a very pleasant day and made a worthwhile contribution to the Shed’s funding.

Well done to all who contributed to the making of the products and to those that manned the stall on the day.

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Shed Christmas Lunch

Thursday 24th November 2022

Thanks to the Committee who provided a full baked lunch for all members. The turkey, ham, baked potatoes, baked pumpkin and greens, slathered in a delicious gravy was prepared and served to almost 40 members. And given that there was nothing left at the end of the day it must have been OK.

As if such a treat was not enough, there was hot pudding and custard to follow.

Thanks to all the members who came along and partook of the meal and mateship. And thanks to all that helped clean up and pack away afterwards. Its a big job but a really great day for all concerned.

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Bunnings BBQ

Saturday 29th October 2022 8am – 4pm

Another Bunnings BBQ fundraiser at Tuggeranong, this time we were absolutely flogged from the 8am start to down-tools at 4pm. We sold out, three times!

A very special thank you to those who gave up their day to make this happen: apart from putting the Weston Creek Men’s Shed out there in the public eye, we raised a very substantial contribution to our finances.

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Stroke-Safe Australia

22 September 2022

The guest speaker from StrokeSafe,  Zachary Lombardo gave an
excellent talk last Thursday. The committee is looking to donate some of the proceeds from next Bunnings meet to Strokesafe so they can continue their good work. The powerpoint presentation from the talk is available from the Secretary if anyone is interested. More information on Stroksafe can be found through the following link Home | Stroke Foundation – Australia

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Pop-up Stall – Cooleman Court

8th and 9th September 2022

We were asked to provide a stall at Coleman Court to help celebrate Men’s Shed Week. The two days were a long haul for the volunteers, but a handy amount of money was raised, as was awareness of or Shed and what we do.

Well done to all who helped make the products and all who helped sell them.

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AMSA Gathering Breakfast

24 August 2022

On the day before the breakfast, in torrential rain and freezing temperatures, WCMS members prepared our facilities for the expected 60 members from other regional sheds attending the early morning breakfast sponsored by WCMS.  The forecast for the day of the breakfast was for continued rain and low temperatures.  It was with some surprise and relief that the breakfast was held in typical Canberra Autumn sunshine, albeit following a chilly minus 6 degree start.

Ice on the oval, great weather for a Breakfast BBQ Photo: J Webster
Maybe smudge-pots will help lift the fog and frost Photo : D Mitchell

The AMSA representatives and our guests toured our shed with many taking time to visit the workshop and look at the items being prepared for upcoming sale opportunities.   Everyone was impressed with our facilities and commended us on our hosting of the breakfast.  

Attentive crowd of Shedders Photo : D Mitchell

For our efforts AMSA presented WCMS with a brand new 6 burner BBQ, 3 metre pop-up gazebo, esky and aprons.  Lino and John christened the BBQ by cooking the breakfast bacon and eggs on it.  With a coffee cart dispensing that early morning fix and a local musician providing the entertainment all of our guest felt right at home.

Flash new solid steel six-burner BBQ – Thanks AMSA! Photo : D Mitchell

AMSA also presented WCMS with a Certificate of Appreciation and the Committee thanks all members who supported the breakfast.

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Annual General Meeting 2022

The Annual General Meeting of the Weston Creek Men’s Shed was held on Thursday 18th August 2022.

Last years minutes were read and accepted.

All committee positions were declared vacant

Elections were held for new committee members

These are the results:

PresidentAllan Booth
Vice President & Public OfficerBrian Black
SecretaryCliff Frost
TreasurerDennis Mitchell
MemberJohn Webster
MemberTerry Hourigan
MemberAlex Zvargulis
MemberTony Burns

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