Covid Compliant Cuppa

After a couple of false starts due to weather and restrictions, a few of the members were able to meet up near the Shed , in a totally social distanced and health regulation compliant way, of course. The two groups strung out along a socially distanced line and faced off, firing muffins and insults at each other for an hour or so.

What a relief just to be able to see the others and hear their voices, listen up as each one told their tale of survival: jobs done, jobs avoided, the woulda-coulda-shoulda been dones.

We would all like to say that if you’re reading this and doing it tough during this restricted time of our lives, pick up the phone and call someone for a yak just to relieve the tension. You are not alone!

Allan restated that while the Shed itself was closed, members could still arrange through him to access hardware that they might need to finish a project such as screws, nails, timber, paint etc. A Call and Collect service if you like.