Guest Speaker – Rob the Pharmacist

Thursday 14th March

14th Thursday – Guest Speaker – Brad the Pharmacist from Cooleman Court Pharmacy was coming to chat about men’s health – and a bunch of other topics no doubt.

As it turned out, Rob came in his stead and gave us an excellent presentation on men’s health. He held nothing back and got straight to the ‘point’, if you follow my drift, concerning prostate cancer, its detection, treatment and remedy, but just as importantly, the after effects of those various treatments.

Rob went on to tell us all about the health clinic Mens Health Downunder that hey run in Deakin, where they can give great advice and help with most of our manly ‘bits’. I think what they do is so important that I will give them a free plug right here. If 1 man makes a call based on this, then its worth while.