CFG #2 Delivered and Much appreciated

Our second container was delivered to Quaama on Monday 8th February, and our President, Allan Booth mad the journey down to witness the opening, performed by the local Member for Eden Monaro, Kirsty McBain.

Allan reported that the local organiser, Don Firth, had this to say:

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s handover and all the wind-up towards it, and was pretty tired today as the tension ebbed away.

I had a fabulous crew of 5 people who were there for most of the day and we busily tunnelled all the way to the back finding treasure after treasure for one grateful recipient after other. There were more people than at the first opening, some regulars, others first timers as news about Containers For Good has travelled. I decided to make it an all day affair to justify lugging so much stuff out! Everybody (bar one) went away well satisfied with their booty.

I even scored a couple of treasures for myself – a little folding wooden ruler that measured 2 ways at right angles – I’ve never seen one before, and an exquisitely patterned spanner – so worn that it isn’t much use – but great for a pretty paperweight!

Quite a number of specific requests were met including a stick welder and a compressor to two very surprised and very delighted ‘customers’. I have yet to get hold of the fishing tackle box requestor but quite a few fishing-rods went straight away. Sadly the mayor’s request for a tinny was overlooked. lol

Having managed to haul a lot of stuff out, I was able to photograph most of the remaining good items and they will go on our facebook page for people to claim. The Tathra Garden cooperative have got a really good starter set of tools and are stoked to get a wheelbarrow and hand trolley. And all the cordless drills went.

I even had a couple who had lost their billiards table…but unless it came with a room to put it in (!!!!) didn’t want to keep the memory.

The two artist’s easels were gratefully grabbed by arty types who had lost theirs, so that was great, and a roll of picture wire will help rehang the paintings we did of the fire, in the hall.

I lusted after the weighty old piston metal saw – just to see it going, so was glad when someone said they would come and take it next time along with the home-made metal lathe. We thought it a bit greedy to take both and they actually offered some money which has given me an ethical dilemma as I don’t want to set a precedent, but there are always things to buy that people need. We decided to call ourselves Team Solomon!

After packing up those things left over we came to the end of a long day and the one thing that needed no deciding was to enjoy a Crown lager – thank-you to the WCMS team member who thought that one up. It was really appreciated by my crew.

Again a huge thank-you to Allan Booth and the merry men from Weston Creek Men’s Shed.