CFG Update february 2021

Containers for Good are Great!

But, for the sake of the recipients, we need to be mindful of their needs and their capacity to handle the things we send them.


Here in their own words are their preferences

Things we really need 

Concentrating on tools and machinery for woodworking, car repairs/ mechanical stuff, gardening, and building equipment is our core ‘business’. ladders, barrows, mowers (in working order), power cords……

Things that are nice and always welcome

Anything that works as a storage unit/shelving unit etc.,

Almost anything of quality that is useful will get taken by someone, but we don’t want to fill the container with furniture at the expense of tools etc.

Anything ‘tradie’- many lost all their gear.

Things we just don’t want

Broken stuff, tatty furniture, cordless tools with dead batteries, missing chargers, frayed wiring etc. etc unless item is of a quality worth repairing, or has intrinsic value as an old tool to hang on the wall!

Not really chasing toys, so thanks, but no thanks. 

We have a container of used curtains, carpets, bed linen, crockery etc. but can always use new stuff. Our rule for this is: Clean and in good condition. If you wouldn’t use it yourself, then we probably won’t either

We are not after ‘Vinnies’ type stuff 

Here we are, The Crew at Grandparent’s Treasure Chest