Pop-up shop at Coolo

20 November 2021

Today, twelve month’s of hard work by the workshop boys paid off with a very successful pop-up shop held at Cooleman Court shopping centre.

Cooleman Court Management have been exceeding good to us as an organisation and today was no different. They supplied us with the floor space, brand new display cabinets and chairs and some pre-sales day advertising.

We also had another windfall when one of our members, Bruce McKenzie supplied us with a large quantity of superbly made wooden toys. These, along with the latest timber reindeer, DJ Cats and picnic tables, were snapped up off the tables by delighted customers, so much so that pre-orders had to be taken for some items to be built and supplied by us before Christmas..

To quote Allan Booth :

There is no other word for it our stand at Coolo was an outstanding success that achieved a very pleasing level of sales. This will certainly add to our budget for the coming year and enable further programs and development to take place.  A big thank you to all involved, the challenge now is to prepare product for sale on the 7 December.  We already have over twenty orders for reindeer. I am sure all present will acknowledge that the donation by Bruce of toys  for sale was a major contributor to our success.  Thank you all, for your contributions.

Don’t forget, we have another sale day at Cooleman Court on Tuesday the 7th December, so it will be busy time in the workshop between now and then, all offers of help gratefully accepted!