Well it took a bit longer than the first four containers, but #5 was finally sealed up and sent down to the good people at Quaama.

To celebrate its arrival they had a Grand Opening BBQ, catering for people from miles around, some from way down over the Victorian Border.

That’s how much reach our Community Service has, and when you consider that it cost WCMS nothing except a bit of time and effort, you have to appreciate just what the impact on these remote communities our involvement has.

We thought it such a good idea that we presented a case to widen the scope of the project to AMSA, but alas it has fallen on deaf ears.

Undaunted, Container for Good #6 is now on site and waiting to be filled up with quality metal and woodworking tools, garden tools, furniture, especially storage, and other useful items. We understand that the Quaama connection has funding for another two containers, a total of eight container’s worth of unwanted items that would probably have ended up in landfill that have instead ended up being recycled and reused by very grateful people.