Cooleman Court Stall

March 14the 2024

We were invited by the nice people at Coleman Court Shopping Centre to come and run our annual Easter Stall

Dennis and the workshop crew had worked long and hard to have enough product for us to put on a good display and to sell.

Traffic to the Stall was a bit quieter than usual, but still a in the end a worthwhile contribution was made to the Shed’s budget.

It is also a great way to meet people, all of who have someone in their lives that could benefit from being a member of the shed and taking advantage of the facility that we have to offer. We have at least one new member as a direct result of our presence during those two days.

Once again a big thank-you to the workshop crew, especially Dennis who made it all happen despite a few hurdles thrown in his way.

Easter Stall

Report and Image: Brian Black