Bunnings Easter Family Night

March 21st 2024

The lovely people at Bunnings Tuggeranong invited us to come and man a table at their annual Easter Family Night.

This followed on from a similar event held last September for Father’s Day, when ShedMen helped a whole lot of young people put together a wooden crate using cordless screwdrivers and screws.

The recipe for Easter was a book-stand. Originally it was designed to be nailed together, but we were able to convince them that screws and screwdrivers would be a whole lot more fun, engaging and easier for the children.

And so on the night for two hours, Warren and John and John and Allan and myself sat there helping the children make their very own book-stands. All we had to do was hold the pieces steady and instruct the child in how to put the screw in using the drivers. It totally surprised me how quickly even the shyest child picked up what they had to do. The first screw was usually a bit hesitant, but with gentle coaxing and guidance, by the time they had reached the third screw they were driving them home like pro’s!

A huge thank you to Bunnings for inviting us, and an even bigger thank you for donating the fabulous Ryobi Cordless Drill Kits to us after the event.

Report and images: Brian Black